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Here you will find many interesting articles, tips and inspiration for successful vacations and profitable investments. Our blog is a source of professional knowledge and experience in the field of tourism and real estate.
UNESCO – discover the sights of Croatia!
Croatia, a country of relatively small size, boasts a veritable plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are currently 10 sites on it, but this may change in the future. Croatia intends to [...]
Feb 21, 2024 Category: Attractions, Croatia, Guides, Others 0 Comments
The city of Pula – a substitute for Rome in Croatia!
Pula is a picturesque city located in the western part of Croatia, in the Istria region. It is an important cultural, historical and tourist center, which is why it is a popular holiday [...]
Feb 21, 2024 Category: Attractions, Croatia, Holidays 0 Comments
Extreme attractions – what might surprise you about Croatia?
Croatia, known for its picturesque landscapes and charming coastline, also offers extreme attractions for adrenaline lovers. Here are some fascinating adventures you can experience in this [...]
Feb 21, 2024 Category: Attractions, Croatia 0 Comments
Euro in Croatia: everything you need to know!
since 2023. The official currency of Croatia is EURO. How does this affect tourists, especially those from outside the euro area?
Feb 21, 2024 Category: Croatia, guides, Others 0 Comments
Property Management in Central Dalmatia
Unlock the secrets to successful property management in Central Dalmatia with expert tips on market trends, maintenance, and legal advice.
Feb 12, 2024 Category: Croatia, Investments, Kokostay 0 Comments
Trogir – jewel of Dalmatia! Discover with us the most beautiful corners of this city
Plan your trip wisely. Use our step-by-step planning guide.
Feb 12, 2024 Category: Croatia for holidays, Dalmatia 0 Comments
Investing in Croatia. 10 Key Tips.
Unlock the secrets of successful investing in Central Dalmatia, Croatia with our top 10 expert tips.
Feb 12, 2024 Category: Croatia, Investments, Rental management 0 Comments
The world of fabulous caves of Croatia- Top 5!
Caves are fascinating places, powerful creations of nature that often evoke admiration and amazement. Although Croatia is known for its beautiful landscapes, it is no exception when it comes to [...]
Feb 07, 2024 Category: Croatia, Croatia for holidays, Guides 0 Comments
6 most visited cities in Croatia!
Top 6 Croatian cities for your vacation. Beautiful sights, beaches and good starting points to get to know this beautiful country!
Feb 07, 2024 Category: Croatia, Croatia for holidays 0 Comments
National Parks of Croatia. Treasures of nature!
National Parks in Croatia are amazing landscapes, wild nature and the beauty of colors, textures and diversity! Each of them is unique.
Jan 22, 2024 Category: Croatia out of season, Holidays 1 Comments